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Moving... [May. 13th, 2009|09:41 am]
The blog is moving! No one uses livejournal anymore, and I want to be able to link to my favorite blogs and post photos.


You'll have to forgive the new blog address, but some loser already stole aimspage @ the blogspot address. And when I find that person...
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Yay to little things. [May. 6th, 2009|03:26 pm]
Just got my weekly bin of groceries delivered from a local farm, and they included a bouquet of tulips.
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How's it going, you ask? [Apr. 25th, 2009|02:42 pm]
This morning I started a to do list.

A moment ago I glanced down at it.

It says, "work on..."
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This line intentionally left blank. [Apr. 20th, 2009|09:46 pm]
There isn't a lot to do when you don't have a job. It's ironic, you have all this time, but no motivation or funds. So far I've taken and given up jogging, meditating, and cleaning. I've alphabetized my cds and photographed my shoes.

Job hunting is pretty soul-crushing, so I have to pad it within other tasks to lift my spirits. I like lists, especially when I can cross off things I've done. Each night I'll make a list of things to do the next day. I'll give myself a variety of tasks, knowing I won't accomplish that many, but I like the fact that I have some choice. And you can bet "get dressed" is usually on the list, not only as a reminder, but for the feeling of accomplishment if I get it done.

My daily list might have "get dressed" on it, along with "watch Ellen," and then I'll sneak in "job hunt," but cushion that with "eat a snack."

I just crossed "blog about something" off my list.
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(no subject) [Apr. 13th, 2009|10:45 am]
That thud you just heard is me flinging myself on the floor in despairCollapse )
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Childhood Trauma [Mar. 10th, 2009|02:20 pm]
In an email chat w/ the lovely Ms. Bezaury (it’s her bday, yo), I happened to impart a charming story of my youth. The best part in recalling this story is that I am still a very indignant and pissed off 5 year-old.

The trouble with being 5Collapse )
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I've been thinking about friendship lately... [Mar. 9th, 2009|10:29 am]
"Friends don't save you, they support you. They accept you. They wish you well. They want you to be happy. They think of you, even when you don't think of yourself. And you think of them, and are there for them, period, without qualification."

- http://blog.bedlamfarm.com/index.cfm?&startRow=9
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There is a special place in hell for stupid people [Mar. 4th, 2009|09:22 pm]
And I am the leaderCollapse )
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the Mad Catter [Feb. 28th, 2009|09:46 am]
Sometime last week, Birdie found a dirty wash rag in the kitchen, stuck it in a corner, and played with it daily. She was very protective of this rag. Sometimes she would lay on top of it, or roll around and bat at it. At one point I smelled it in an attempt to determine what was so special. It just smelled a little mildew-y to me, like all the other dirty kitchen towels.

This morning I woke up early to go to the laundry mat, and grabbed the rag on my way out. I just got home, and I have a very sad-looking cat sitting on the kitchen rug, where her best-friend-dirty-wash-rag used to be.

I guess I am a mean cat mommy.
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It's Official [Feb. 24th, 2009|08:57 pm]
The birthday check from my mom bounced.

I now have enough material for my novel.
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